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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

D.I.Y Horse And Rider's First Aid Kit

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Wound powder is used to dry out a cut while disinfecting.


A spray on plaster is amazing for horses!  If you are going to buy any products out of this list it should be this!

Spray on top of a cleaned cut to protect from flies and bacteria.  It has also (not recommended) been used to stop severe bleeding.


Frog Spray is used for thrush and it an anti-fungal spray.  Used it every day to get rid of thrush of use it once a week or so to avoid your horse getting thrush.


Iodine spray is the best way to clean a new cut before or after a vets visit.


You should always keep a tub of calmer in your first aid kit.  If your horse is panicking after a accident then give them this until the vet arrives.

This should be placed over a bandage to keep everything on and clean.


Poultice pads are essential if you horse has a abscess.  Make a mixture or buy one to put on the pad then put a poultice boot or bandage on.

Get these flexible bandages to wrap on small cuts and wrap with vet wrap or use for a pressure bandage.


Cotton wool is something I use a lot to to clean cuts, eyes, ears and noses.

Gamgee is a thick bandage which is used for more severe injuries to provide support.


Poultice boots are great to avoid having to bandage the horses foot as it can come off very easily.


Keep a ice pack at the yard in case of injury whether a accident or a sprain.


Keep a thermometer close to keep the horse's temperature if he is ill.


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