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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Extended Grid Work Layouts You Need To Use


This is quite an easy grid work in an L shape.  Simply put four trotting poles down.  You will then make a right-hand turn and put down a canter pole, a bounce, another canter pole then an oxer.

Ride up the trotting poles and canter right after the last pole.  Canter around the corner, aiming for the middle of the grid.


Another simply grid to set up, this one is a little more difficult for the horse.  Set up a canter pole, three bounces and another canter pole to start up.  Then take a right turn and put one ground pole to help get a correct turn.  Then take another right turn to the last part of the grid.  You should set up two canter poles, an upright the two more canter poles.  

The Grid can be ridden on both reins so you can start on any side which means you can practise a right turn or a left turn.


Set up five trotting poles, take a right turn and set up an upright, a canter pole then another upright.  Lastly, take another right turn and set up a canter pole, an upright, two canter poles, another upright then two more canter poles.

This grid can again be ridden from any side to practise going from trot to canter or canter to trot.  


Set this grid up in a U shape.

Starting on the left, set up three canter poles, one stride to an upright then another stride to an oxer.  Then take a right turn and set up three bounces in a row.  Lastly, take another right turn and set up six canter poles.  


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