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Thursday, 28 September 2017

12 Tips For A Better Riding Position

Upper Body

1.  Imagine there is a string attached to your head pulling your body upwards.

2.  Shoulders should be SLIGHTLY back and should be completely relaxed.

3.  Your head should always be looking forward at what you are doing and not looking down.


1.  Your seat should be light and relaxed

2.  You should move with the horses movements to make your seat effortless and light

3.  Used aids with your seat


1.  Your legs should be relaxed and not squeezed

2.  Heels should be slightly down and relaxed

3.  The lower leg should be comfortably behind the girth and should remain still.

Hands and Arms 

1.  Arms should be bent but relaxed so they can move with the horse's movement.

2.  Hands should be held in the position of holding a cup (Thumb facing up and pinky facing down).

3.  The thumb should hold the reins and the ring finger should control the reins.  Tense and move your pinky down towards your wrist to half halt or slow down.


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