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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

5 Amazing Equestrian Products You Need to Try - Part 2

*The Post Contains Affiliate Links, Read About Amazon Affiliate Links here*

1.  Stubbs Ideal Saddle Mate

These are great for tacking up!  Put your saddle on and your grooming kit inside and carry it to the stable.  You can also use this for going to a show as it is easy to carry and store.  

2.  Monty Roberts Dually Head collar

This is great for a horse that is hard to handle.  Easy to use, works well and still looks good!  This is not a a cruel head collar and only tightens when a horse is misbehaving, then loosens when the horse calms down.   

3.  SleekEZ Cat/Dog/Horse Brush Grooming Tool 

Perfect for this time of the year, this is great for getting hair off of your horse during a moulting period.  This product has seen a lot of attention but any similar product works just as well.  

4.  Pet Grooming Comb

This is a really good product which I use way too much!  Use it to brush out mats or to thin the mane or tail.  I use this to thin Shandy's thick, uncontrollable mane!  It works great if used correctly and it perfect for showing.  

5.  Shires Fleece Lined Lunge Cavesson 

Use this while lunging and you will never go back to a bridle!  The attachment is in a much better position so the horse's head is able to move a lot better.   



  1. Any wayyou could let us know where you found the items you recommend especially the rasp from a previous posting?

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