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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

5 Types of Saddle Pads That You Need to Try

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Half Pads

1.  Gel Back Saver 

This is great for a short term fix for a mis-fitted saddle or if the rider puts too much weight on the back of the saddle.  It can also be great for horses who are sensitive on the back.

2.  Gel half Pad 

This pad simply gives more support and protect to the horses back without being too thick.

3.  Faux Lamb skin half pad 

Again this is used for supporting the horses back but it also is used as a fashion item.

Saddle Pads

4.  General Purpose Saddle Pad

This pad is to be used with a show jumping saddle, eventing saddle or a general purpose saddle.

5.  Dressage Saddle Pad 

This pad is to be used with dressage saddles because it is much longer than the more saddle pad.


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