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Thursday, 14 September 2017

7 Types of Boots To Protect Your Horse

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Lifestyle Boots

1.  Travelling boots

Protect your horse while travelling in a trailer or horse box.

2.  Turnout Boots

These boots protect your horse from cuts, strains and mud fever.

3.  Poultice boots

Keep a poultice pad on your horses foot with this boot.  Perfect for abscesses or even sore hooves.

Riding boots

4.  Over Reach Boots

Perfect for horses who hurt their front legs by kicking them with the back hooves.  

5.  Brushing Boots

Brushing boots are used to protect the legs from being hit together.

6.  Tendon Boots

Tendon boots are great for show jumping as the front of the boot is open for moving but they protect the legs from every other angle.

7.  Medicine Boots

These are used for training, warm up and riding.  The are great for flat work as they are flexable.


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