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Thursday, 21 September 2017

8 Types of Rugs That Your Horse Needs

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1.  Fleece 

These are great for a number of things including travelling, drying a horse, a light stable rug and more!  Every horse owner needs a fleece.

2.  Stable Rug 

Stable rugs are great for the winter time and if your horse is clipped.  I usually find buying a medium weight stable rug is the best so you don't need to buy multiple rugs.  If your horse gets too hot use the fleece instead and if your horse is too cold put the fleece on underneath.


3.  Light weight turnout rug

These are great for the UK as even in the summer you will need to keep your horse dry!

4.  Medium Weight Turnout Rug 

This is good for spring and autumn when a light weight is too light but the horse is getting too hot with a heavy weight.

5.  Heavyweight Turnout Rug 

A obvious choice for the winter in the UK, these are extremely warm in the winter months.

6.  Fly Rug 

This is essential for the summer (if they weather is good) for controlling fly bites.  You can also buy ones with SPF protection for white horses or any horses that burn easily.


7.  Bib

This is used for horses that get rubbed easily by their rugs.  It is a soft material and protects the horses chest from being rubbed.

8.  Exercise Sheet 

If you are a all weather rider (which you should be) then this is a great idea for you.  It keeps your horse dry and you can wrap some types around your legs to keep yourself dry too!


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