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Monday, 25 September 2017

Facts About Equine Arthritis You Need to Know

Equine arthritis is a chronic disease which happens when cartilage on the joint surface gets worn down.  This causes the joint bones to rub together which is very painful.


  • Stiffness that sometimes stops when the horse is warmed up
  • Joint swelling 
  • Lameness 


The usual arthritis is called degenerative joint disease but there is another type called septic arthritis.  This type is caused by a bacterial infection or injury near the joint.  This type is hard to treat as it is difficult to get anti-biotics into the joint.  


It must be noted that there is no treatment for equine arthritis, only management.  Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are usually used along with joint supplements such as hyaluronic acid and glucoamine.  

There are some new technologies that may be available in some areas.  One of these is giving the horse an an injection of stem cells into the joint.  

Keeping the horse moving along with drugs and supplements will ensure your horse stays sound and happy.  


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