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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Pole Work For Experienced Horses


This is a fun one!  Simply lay out 4 trot poles, 3 canter poles then 3 more trot poles in a row.  Then pick out a few poles and put them at an angle.

This will help a experienced horse remember to watch his feet.


This is a good exercise to keep both your horse's and your own minds together.  Serpentine in and out of the three middle poles then use the outer poles in a circle to get the horses strides back.   


This one is a great way to improve boring trotting poles!  Going up the trotting poles, you can go straight over the triangle or turn left and right.  


This is just a fun one!  set this out and go over any way you want!  Form a pattern or just do want you want.  



  1. These look a bit scary!! But I'm sure they can be simplified a bit for the less experienced among us who want to spice things up to keep our horses interested. Instead of just going over a straight line of trotting poles over and over :)
    Thanks for the great ideas!

    1. Yes they are definitely for horses who are experienced and getting bored of the normal pole work! I have much more pole work posts that are less extensive :) xx