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Thursday, 5 October 2017

5 Types of Nose Bands of Horses

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1.  Regular nose band

This would be the most used nose band for everyday riding!  It is clearly not restricting and as long as you use it properly it will be great for any horse or pony.

2.  Hunting Cavesson nose band 

This is almost the same as the above but this nose band is flat and used for hunting and showing.  Again, this nose band is comfortable for the horse and as it lies flat there is no pressure points.

3.  Drop/Competition Nose Band

This is great for competitions, it has a much different design and only comes with the full bridle.  The bit attachment is attached to the nose band and the nose band is done up below to bit exactly like a drop nose band.

4.  Flash Nose Band

This is a controversial nose band because it is designed to keep the horses mouth shut.  It has the usual nose band then a attached second band which is done up below the bit.  It can be great for horses who put their tongue over the bit.  Don't tighten it too much.

5.  Crank/Grackle Nose Band

This one is slightly different to the flash as this nose band is made to stop the horse from crossing his jaw and opening his mouth.  It must be noted that this nose band has a lot of pressure points so isn't great for sensitive horses.  Riders also claim that riding in this nose band gives them more control.  Again do not tighten it too much.


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