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Thursday, 2 November 2017

5 Riding Accessories That You Need to Try

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1. Fly Veil

These fly veil are used to stop flys annoying the horse while riding and also to help stop the horse hearing some things.  This helps spooky horses to concentrate on riding and not small noises that cause spooks.

2.  Riding Fly Mask 

This is for the summer months when the plain fly veil isn't enough, this is great for sensitive horses.

3.  Saddle Handle 

This is attached to the two d-rings and is great for unbalanced or nervous riders.

4.  Riding Rug

A quarter sheet is used to keep your horse warm or dry in rainy or cold weather.  There are also some rugs that can go around the rider's legs to keep them warm too.
5.  Hoof Boots

Most hoof boots are used for poultices but there are some, like the one below, that are made for replacing shoes and help with road work or heavy work.


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