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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

8 Budget Equestrian Items for Winter

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1.  Turnout Rug 

This is a great heavyweight turnout rug that looks beautiful!  This will keep your horse warm on the freezing, snowy days.  

2.  Turnout Boots 

These boots are made to protect your horse's legs from mud, water and injuries.  It can help in the winter to protect your horse from mud fever.   

3.  Mud fever protection gel 

This product is made to be applied to the horse's legs.  It makes a waterproof barrier which stops mud and water from sticking to the horse's legs for long periods of time.

4.  Horse Hood

If your horse is clipped their face can get cold.  A horse hood will protect your horse's face and neck from the wind and cold weather.

5.  Under rug

This under rug is similar to the product above if your horse is fully clipped this is a great idea to keep them warm while changing rugs or at all times in cold weather.

6.  Thermal Riding Gloves

The usual type of thermal gloves are really thick and it is really hard to use for riding.  These ones are made to keep you nice and warm while riding.  They are much easier to hold reins, handle horses and other daily things.

7.  Neck Cover 

This neck cover is great for keeping you warm while at the stables or riding.

8.  Exercise Sheet

This rug keeps a clipped horse warm while being ridden in the cold.  They are used during warm up when the horse will get cold easily or on a light ride.  It can also be wrapped around the rider's legs to keep them warm too.


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