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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

How to Treat Mud Fever in Horses


Mud fever is a sore skin condition that affects horses.  It is caused when the bacterium 'Dermatophilous congolensis' is able to seep into the skin either through a cut or just softened skin due to constant dampness.

If mud fever is not treated it can get infected or cause equine celluitis which is a horrible condition that is very painful.


  • Scabs 
  • Matted hair 
  • lameness 
  • swelling 
  • skin dryness 
  • Heat 


With less severe cases you can possibly treat it yourself with the following plan.  

  1. Wash with Hibi scrub 
  2. Dry and keep legs dry for 24 hours
Next start the routine below - 

  1. Wash with Hibi Scrub 
  2. Dry 
  3. Apply antiseptic cream (although Powder is better!) 
  4. Keep legs dry for 24 hours
In more severe cases you will need to call the vet.  The vet will give you antibiotics if the legs are infected and painkillers.  You can also continue will the above plan for keeping the wounds clean and dry. 


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