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Monday, 4 December 2017

5 Christmas Presents For Equestrians

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1.  Gel Synthetic Sheepskin Half Pad

This is a great Christmas present for most equestrians.  This gel pad is thinner than the usual half pad but still shows the sheepskin (faux) for an awesome look.

2.  Fluffy Tendon Boots

These are great for sensitive horses that get annoyed by rougher materials.  I like eskadron but any other brand in the same.

3.  Horse Cooler Rug

Perfect for winter when you don't want your horse to get a chill.  The rug is used for after a ride on a sweaty horse or after a bath to absorb fluid.

4.  Leather Headcollar

Everyone loves a new leather head collar for travelling, shows or just a safe head collar.

5.  Stable Boots

Great for the winter ahead, their boots are a must for any stabled horse.  It keeps the horse safe from injury and stops fluid building up in the legs from standing.


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