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Friday, 26 January 2018

Easy Ways To Save On Your Pony’s Upkeep

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There is no getting around it, keeping a horse is expensive! Of course, it is well worth the financial cost and effort most of the time, but it can be tough when your budget is tight. With this in mind check out the strategies below
for providing top quality care for your pony, without always spending a fortune.


Just like our rent or mortgage is one of the most expensive human costs, stabling our horses can be pricey too.
After all, it's not like having an animal such as a dog or cat that can live in your home with you. Horses need
space to roam, and a safe place to be tucked up in at night or in the bad weather. With this in mind, it can seem
like it would be impossible to save any money in this area, but this isn't always the case.

Firstly, if you are going stable your horse at someone else’s facilities look at the costs of getting to and from
their location in the morning and evening as well as the straight price for accommodation. This is because it can
sometimes cost you less, in the long run, to go with a more expensive farm that is closer. Once you have
deducted the petrol cost and wear in your car, not to mention the time you can save too that is.

Alternatively, it is always worth considering the option of building your own stable block on your land, as then
you won't have to pay fees out to someone else.

Yes, this will entail the initial costs of preparing the land and building the block. To raise the cash for this if you
don't have it to hand there are several options. You can you can speak to installment loans direct lenders, or to
your bank. Some folks even consider extending your overdraft to get things started.

However, do remember that stable structures are not the most expensive building to construct. This means that
if you build more stall than you need, you can rent them out to other owners and make back the cost of
construction pretty quickly. At which time you can use the income from the stables to offset the rest of the cost
of your horse’s upkeep.

Tack and Equipment

The horsey world is full of folks that want both themselves and their mounts to look the best at all times. This is
great news for the more frugal horse owner because it means that there is a wealth of preloved kit in fantastic
condition to be snapped up on auction and carboot sites.

In fact, for most things like rugs and boots, it is always worth checking the auction sites first. You can even set
up an alert, so when any new products are offered, you will be the first one to know about it. Something that
will allow you to get the best quality stuff for you pony without having to pay out the hugely extortionate prices
that are charged for these sorts of items when they are new.  


Last of all feeding a horse costs money, and boy do they eat a lot?! To save here, smart owners negotiate bulk
buy deals with their feed merchants. Something that means you buy more, but it costs less, and then you store
it to use later.