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Friday, 12 January 2018

Ensure That Your Horse Settles Into It's New Home

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A new year can often bring change, and you and your family might be moving home this year, meaning that your beloved animals will have to come along too. You’ll need to bear in mind how stressful a move can be for humans; imagine having no concept of what’s happening or where you’re going, and know that this is what your horse will be experiencing during their transition. Therefore, it’s crucial to your horse’s happiness that you do all that you can to keep them safe, secure, and comfortable so that their move goes as smoothly as you want yours to. A new piece of land or yard may unsettle your horse, so you’ll need to take the steps needed to introduce your horse to their new environment and ensure that they learn to love and appreciate it as much as their old place.

Treating your horse’s move as you would for yourself and your family will help you to empathise with the feelings they may be having when everything is unfamiliar and different. You’ll know your horse better than anyone, so make sure that you’re vigilant, and keep an eye on their behaviour and movements to see if they’re coping well or not. Patience and kindness are key; don’t rush the situation or treat it like another job to sort out during the moving process so that your horse remains fit, healthy, and happy during and after the process. The following are some ideas, tips, and advice for those who will be moving themselves and their horse to pastures new this year and want them to feel at home as quickly as possible.

Comfort And Routine

You may not have gotten around to building your horse’s permanent stables or place of shelter, but you’ll need to ensure that there are adequate and comfortable facilities ready for the day your horse arrives in their new home. It’s worth looking into mobile horse stables so that you can have an affordable and functional solution while you plan out what and where you’re going to build their permanent residence. Good quality horse toys are always a great way to provide a little distraction, and they can keep your companion occupied as you move in the human’s boxes to the rest of the property. On first arrival; walk your horse around their new space so that they can get their bearings, and begin their usual routine (and stick to it) immediately. All the change will be overwhelming, so it’s vital that they have their routine in place to help them settle in. After you’ve shown them the ropes; give them the freedom to explore, run, and play so that they can make themselves feel as at home as possible.

Stay Calm And Collected

Your horse will sense your emotions and feelings before you do, so try to remain calm; talk to them in a soothing voice as they get to know where they are. Don’t let the stress of your moving day impact the welfare of your horse; make sure they get the time, care, and attention they need, and some extra for good measure. If you notice any changes in your horse; make sure you seek advice from your vets and keep checking that your horse is doing well. The happier they are, and the smoother the transition into their new home is; the quicker they’ll settle in for the years ahead.

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