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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

How To Keep Your Horse's Stable Clean All Year Long

Making sure your horse's stable is cleaned properly will help ensure your horse's health stays on top form.  I stick to a schedule which I follow daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

If you have any additional tips that I have not mentioned please comment them below.


The daily stable cleaning is simple, just muck out throwing the clean up onto the banks.  Sweep, pull the bed down and add new straw/shavings.  Wash water bucket/automatic water drinker with a sponge and scrub feed buckets.


Start by mucking out, put clean bedding in a clean corner, sweep and leave all day to dry.  Wipe down walls and haybar.

At night time, pull the bed down and add new bedding.


Sort clean bedding in a bag while mucking out so nothing is in the stable, wash and disinfect the floor and walls.  Disinfect the water buckets/automatic water drinkers and feed buckets.  Also, you can dust any cobwebs.

At night time pull the bed down, replace the clean bedding and add fresh bedding.


Remove rubber matting, power wash and disinfect them.  Power wash and disinfect the hard floor and walls, Disinfect haynets or hay bars and doors.


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