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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Life-Saving Advice For New Dog Owners

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There’s a difference between loving dogs and owning one for yourself. Think of it in the same way
as visiting your friend who’s just had a baby. You probably think the boy or girl is adorable, but you’d
most likely gulp in terror if you were suddenly responsible for looking after that child for the next 18
years. Obviously, parenting a baby and owning a dog are two very different things but there are
definitely more similarities than you might realise.

Believe it or not, dogs require more than simply the occasional walk around the park and a bowl full
of food every day. They’re thinking and feeling creatures just like humans. Your dog will need love,
attention, and supervision. You need to think about their healthiness and happiness in the bigger
picture if you’re going to be responsible for looking after this animal for the rest of their life. Here’s
some advice that’ll be life-saving for both you as a new dog owner and the dog.


One of the most important parts of being a dog owner is learning how to keep your pet healthy. You
need to take them for regular vet visits, first of all. Feeding your dog well is obviously important too.
Avoid giving them human food because the majority of things we eat are very bad for dogs. In fact, a
lot of them are bad for us too but the sugary snacks and treats that we eat can make your dog very
sick. That doesn’t mean you need to restrict your dog to boring meals. There are lots of treats out
there for dogs. You might want to look into getting some Betsy Farms real meat dog treats to help
your dog get the protein they need in their diet. It’s crucial to give them the sustenance they need.
Sleep is also crucial for your dog’s health so make sure they have a comfortable bed.


Essentially, happiness is an element of a dog’s health so it ties in with earlier points, but keeping your
dog well-fed and well-rested is only the start of what it takes to keep them happy. Beyond physical
care, dogs require a certain level of emotional care too. It isn’t enough to simply go through the
motions of providing your pup with everything they need to survive. Much like humans, dogs want to
live. They have emotions and attachments to other living things in the same way that we do. If you
truly want to keep your dog happy then you need to focus on safeguarding their mental health.

Give your dog the social environment he or she craves. Walks aren’t just good for your dog’s legs but as an opportunity for them to meet fellow dogs, whether of the same breed or not. And it’s not just about meeting fellow members of their kind; dogs love meeting humans too. That interaction really helps to keep a dog feeling mentally fit and strong. Most importantly, they need interaction with you as their owner. Don’t neglect your dog; learn how to treat separation anxiety if you’re spending a lot of time away from home. And, when you are home, give your dog lots of strokes, play with their toys, and let them chase you around the house once in a while.

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