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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

3 Everyday Schooling Polework Exercises


Use this exercise to teach your horse about speed control.  Whether your horse is known for going to fast or too slow, you should start trotting up and down the lines.

Simply give the aid to lengthen or shorten strides and let your horse work out the rest.  They will soon learn that the aid you give them means shorten and lengthen.  Next, do the exact thing in the canter.


This exercise is great for lots of things.  Firstly, you can use it to change gaits.  Gait changing is important for green horses so do it as much as possible.  Every time you go over a pole change the gait.

Secondly, use it to teach your horse to do flying changes.  Canter to the first pole, transition back to trot before the second pole and pick up canter over the third.

Slowly cut down the number of trot strides until you do a flying change over the second pole.

One canter stride between each pole.


This exercise is used for figure of 8's.  This is great for making sure your horse is worked equally on each rein.  Every time you change directions, change the gait.  This keeps the horse from becoming bored and changing direction and gait helps the horse to lift his back and learn to come on the bit.

Five canter strides between each pole.


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