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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

5 Equestrian Things You Need to Start Doing Now

1.  Groom your horse daily

Grooming your horse every day is great! It helps to tighten the bond between you both, it helps you to make your daily checks and it helps to keep your horse's coat clean, healthy and shiny.  You can read my post 5 Steps To Grooming Your Horse Like A Professional!.

2.  Do Groundwork More Often

After the breaking and training period, many equestrians forget about groundwork and only do ridden work.  However, it is important to keep up with the groundwork for the entire time you have your horse.

I recommend doing ground work with your horse at least once a week whether it is lunging, trick training or just teaching new manners.

3.  Play with your horse in the field

Playing with your horse is so much fun and it increases exercise for your horse in fun ways!  Start with allowing your horse to follow you in the field, run away and offer a treat.  When he comes to you give him the treat.

After a little while, you can play with him by running away from him, hiding from him so he has to find you and other things.

Just have fun with it, your horse will love it.

4.  Swap horses with your friends for a ride 

It is important that a rider is able to ride any type of horse.  You get horses that have long strides, short strides, fast or slow strides and not to mention different personalities.  If you can get on any horse and you are comfortable no matter the type and personality then you are a very adaptable rider.

5.  Give your horse attention 

Yes, sounds weird, you groom your horse every day, feed them, ride them and more.  But do you actually just give them attention?

Go into the stable in the morning and give them attention, cuddles and more.  You are strengthening your bond, giving your horse the attention he deserves and it shows him that he gets attention when he isn't being ridden.


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