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Thursday, 22 February 2018

5 Storage Systems You Need for Your Tack Room

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You do so many things in the tack room with this clothes rack!  Hang your jackets, your horse's rugs, numnahs or more storage systems to store more!


This is a fairly new product, a numnah hanger!  I hate storing my saddle pads stacked on top of each other laying on a flat surface.  You could display them extremely well with these new hangers.


Boot holders are great for tack rooms.  If you are like me, you have a few pairs of wellies, jodhpurs boots and tall riding boots.  A lot of riders like to collect riding boots so this is the perfect way to store them!


This portable storage system is great for tacking up your horses!  It is easy to push and holds everything from your saddle, bridle, grooming kit, whip and more!


Are you wondering what this could ever be used for?  Well, it is not made for tack rooms or horses in general but it can be used for great storage in a tack room.  A double hook can be amazing for hanging up your girths!


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