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Monday, 12 February 2018

5 Weird Things You May Need for Your Horse!

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1.  Thermometer

This can be a great idea to put in the stable of a sick horse to ensure it is comfortable, in the barn which is located in a hot country to make sure it is nice and cool or in the trailer to keep the temperature.

It is well known that horses are sensitive to temperature changes so you may well need a thermometer.

2.  Nappies

A little weird?  Maybe but these can be great!  They can be put on your horse's foot for a poultice as the nappy can be attached to the horse's hoof.

It can also just be put on the hoof or another part of the body to dry out the area to stop bacteria or mud fever.

3. Epsom Salts

Now, this can be consumed by horses to help with salt loss by sweating.  Apart from that obvious point, it is great for all types of poulticing.  Either your horse has an injured foot or an abscess, pack the hoof with Epsom salts and a liquid like black seed oil and bandage.

You can also mix Epsom salt with clay to poultice the horse's legs after hard exercise.  Use the mixture on the legs, wrap with some brown paper then wrap again with a polo bandage.

4.  Leather Cleaner

Forget cleaning your saddle, leather cleaner or shine spray can be used to groom your horse.

Simply spray on the tail to make a great shine for a show!  Now, it has to be said, I would NOT recommend using on any other parts of the horse's body or on the horse's skin.

5. Electric Shower

There is no need to buy an expensive horse shower, just buy the same kind that is in your house!  Be sure to buy an electric shower so you don't need a hot water tank.

Also, replace the shower hose with a long stretchy hose so it can reach your horse safely.


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