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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

7 Basic Items You Need to Ride Your Horse

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1. Compression Shirt

This is one of the best things I have to ride in.  They fit under any clothing if it's cold and work great by themselves in the summer months.

2. Riding Hat

Harry Hall is my favourite brand of riding hats.  Pretty essential for safe riding and looking good at the same time.

Remember, always get a riding hat fitted to your head even if it feels like it fits.  Your head must touch every bit of the surface to protect your head.

3. Jodhpurs 

Something I actually didn't use for years!  I'm not sure why as I ripped so many pairs of leggings, jeans and other trousers.  I now have realised how much more comfortable they are to ride in.

4. Gloves

Anyone ride without gloves and have redraw hands?  I used to but I now wear gloves.  I have a few brands like mark todd, le mieux and others.

5. Socks

Riding socks are designed to stay in place (instead of sliding down your leg like most other socks).  They are also thicker to protect your legs if you're only wearing jodhpurs boots.

6. Hair Nets

Some people use them every day and others only wear them at shows.  If you have long hair these hair nets actually are very comfortable to ride with.

7. Riding Whip

Another thing that some people (including me with one horse) don't use.  I use a whip with Zoe as Shandy was beaten as a young horse and is terrified of whips.  It helps me with Zoe to move her around my leg, move certain parts of her body or her to get her going.


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