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Monday, 26 February 2018

Cool Horse Feeding Products You Need to Try!

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1.  Corner Hay Feeder

This is a great alternative to haynets.  It holds your water or feed buckets, it fits nicely in the corner and it allows the horse to eat in a better position.

Horses should always eat with there head down so this is a better option than a haynet for the horse's health.

2.  Hay Soaker 

This can be great for horses who are sensitive to dust.  It has a drain at the bottom and as great for if you need to soak lots of hay at once.
3.  Bucket covers 

These are great for multiple things!  You can get custom ones to write your horse's name on with the time they need fed it for other people to feed your horse.  You can also use them to avoid other wild animals from eating it and it stops the food from drying out if you are feeding your horse soaked food.

4.  Treat Toy 

This is a great toy for horses who are stabled, on box rest or just young and playful.  Simply put treats in the ball and teach your horse to move the toy to release the treats.

5.  Hay Bag

This is the only type of hay net I would ever use!  This hay bag is much more easy to fill with hay, is easier for the horse to eat out of and there are much fewer parts for the horse to get stuck in.


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