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Thursday, 8 February 2018

How to Keep Your Horse Neat Without Clipping

Everyone knows that a clipped horse in the winter looks much better than the hairy horse.  A horse with a natural winter coat will always look scruffy compared to a horse who is clipped.  If your horse lives out or doesn't do enough exercise to allow a clip then you can follow these steps to tidy your horse up.

What You Need

  • Mini Trimmer/Clipper 
  • Scissors 
  • Mane Thinner 
  • Grooming Kit 

Cut the horse's Mane Without Pulling

First, we are going to start by taking the mane thinner and thin the mane.  Once the mane in thinned, take the scissors and make small cuts by holding the scissors straight up.  Do this until you get the length you like.  (This is how I pull a horses mane if you don't want to do this feel free to pull normally). 

While your at that area, trim the bridle path around an inch or two long.  

Trim The Beard

Next, we are going to start with the mini clipper.  Start by trimming the beard hair and any long hair on the underneath of the horse's neck.  

Trim the horse's Feathers

With the mini clippers, trim all of the feathers and all other long hairs on the horse's legs.  

Trim the hair around the horse's ears

Take the scissors or trimmer and trim the horses ear hairs.  hold the ear closed and trim any hairs that come out of the ears.  


Trim the tail like I explained how to here.  Basically, you will wrap the horse's tail around the hock to find the correct length to cut.  Make your first cut a few centimetres below this.  Now, take the tail and pull down gently to check how straight the cut is.  I repeat this a couple of times.   

Trim any long hairs on the horse's Body

Lastly, just have a look at your horse and check to see if there are any long hairs growing anywhere on the body.  They usually grow where a rug doesn't cover like the stomach.  Take your trimmer and trim them off.


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