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Friday, 16 February 2018

How to Save on Your Horses Health Care Routine

Horse health care is one of the most expensive parts of owning a horse.  There are a few ways you can save on this so here are my tips for saving on horse care!


Getting the farrier every 6-8weeks is expensive.  There are a few ways you can save on this.  Firstly, 'shop around' for the best offers from local farriers.  It is important to search for local farriers because if a farrier offers a good price but isn't local you are going to have to pay for their travel.

You can also choose to go barefoot isn't of having shoes or if your horse really needs shoes you may get away with only getting the front set done.


Biggest tip? Get insurance!!  Yes, you are going to be paying every month which doesn't really save money BUT if your horse gets injured or ill you are going to be very thankful for insurance.

Organise with other horse owners at your stables to do a group call out.  This cuts down the call out cost depending on how many people you have in the group.

Catch it early!  Do daily checks on your horse to look for signs of illness or injury, the sooner you catch it the less veterinary attention your horse will need and therefore will cost you less.

You can also check out my blog post '5 Ways To Save Money On Your Horse’s Veterinary Bills' or 'How to Keep Your Horse Safe to Cut Down on Vet Bills' to see some other tips for saving on vet bills.  


Whether it is an equine dentist, a chiropractor, an equine nutritionist or any other healthcare appointments you may have, there are some set rules that help you save money.  

1.  Get group calls outs all year round!  Organise every appointment for the upcoming year with the other horse owners to cut down on the cost. 

2.  Get Someone local so you don't have to pay for travel costs 

3.  Ask for discounts for multiple clients 

4.  Find the best price around your area 

What do you do to cut down on horse health care?  Also, what is your typical yearly schedule for your horses health care?  


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