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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Teach Your Horse The Correct Manners Now

1.  Lower their head to put a head collar on.

Sometimes people can be not so nice at teaching a horse to put his head down.  You can do it nicely using treats.  Hold a treat down to the level you want the horse to put his head, touch the horse's ears until he lowers his head.  Give him the treat and praise him!

Eventually, start to touch the horse's ears and when the horse realises and puts his head down, then you can give him a treat.  After some time, you will be able to cut down on the number of treats you give him and he will realise that you touching his ears means he has to put his head down.

2.  Back up

Stand the horse with a head collar and lead rope on.  Now stand in front of him and start to wiggle the lead rope up and down quickly.  This will create a 'wave' with the rope.  Now say 'back.  When he responses with even a small step back give him a treat.

Work on this daily until you are able to back him up with a slight wiggle of the rope and your voice command.

3.  Follow your point in any direction

Have your horse in an open space with a long lead rope.  Hold the rope in one hand and a whip in the other.  Now get your horses attention and point in the direction you want your horse to go.  Say your voice command and encourage your horse to walk in that direction with the whip.

Work on this daily until you don't need the whip anymore and the horse knows which way to go from looking at you pointing.

4.  Stand Still

To teach your horse to stand still for long periods of time without you being next to them simply practice the following day.  Ask your horse to stand, walk away, wait for 10 seconds, walk back and praise them.

Slowly increase the amount of time that you leave him to stand allow until he stands for as long as you want.

5.  Move one leg

Start by pointing at a leg, use a whip to tickle the leg and say 'move'.  When he does move that foot give him a treat.

This is great for if your horse is standing on something or for other training exercises.  Working on this daily until you don't need the whip any more.


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