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Thursday, 8 March 2018

4 Equestrian Things You Need to Stop Doing Now - Part 2

1.  Stop Feeding your horse right before or after riding

This is something that some people still do not know about or understand how dangerous it can be.  I understand you may be in a rush, need to put the horse back outside or other reasons.

Feeding your horse before or after you ride can cause extreme colic that can and usually will be deadly.  I have personally seen this happen to multiple horses over the years and it can be completely avoided!

Feeding any sort of grains close to the horse being ridden can cause the horse to have abdominal pain (colic).  This then can cause implications such as impaction or the horse starts to roll violently which damages in organs.

Read More About Colic Here!

2.  Stop Leaving Your Horse in His Stable All Day

A controversial subject and lots of people had their own opinions on this.  In my opinion, stabling a horse is completely fine which I do myself.  What I personally don't think is fine is for a horse to be stabled 24 7.

Horses are built to walk long distances to find food, water and shelter.  When a horse stands in a stable all the time causes the horse's legs to build up with fluid.  Along with this, the amount of horses I see every day that are bored, angry and depressed is extremely sad.

3.  Stop limiting your horses forage

Horses are known for eating almost constantly.  Which is fine unless there is not enough grass, they are not given enough hay/haylage or are put on an incorrect diet and are limited forage.

If your horse is overweight you can do things to put them on a diet without limited forage AND the nutrients that are in forage.  Contact an equine nutritionist if you would like to find out more.

4.  Stop Leaving a horses rug on for too long

Rugs can rub your horse very quickly!  I would recommend having two rugs and changing them every day.  Different rugs will rug in different areas so changing them out everyday can help to stop the rubbing to bad.

Also, leaving them without a rug on for some time every day can be good for the horse as they can itch and roll.


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