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Monday, 26 March 2018

4 Horse Feeding Hacks To Save Money and Help Your Horse

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1.  Read What is Already in Your Feed

Do you know that you may be supplementing your horse with something that is already in your feed?  For example, Happy Hoof (which I feed) has added garlic and biotin.  This means I do not have to supplement these things to my horse.  It also leads into the next tip:

2.  Choose feeds that have added Supplements

Like I said above, the feed I use (happy Hoof) has added biotin and garlic.  Now, I did this on purpose!  Hoof supplements are usually expensive so I decided to buy feed that included it.  The feed will be a little more expensive but it works out a lot cheaper than buying supplements.

You can also buy salt licks with added supplements like the red Rockies licks.  I use the red one with 7 added minerals.  I buy this one because of the added copper and magnesium but there are other kinds you can choose from.

3.  Weigh and feed the correct amount

Weighing your feed and ensuring that you are feeding the right amount for your horse can really help to make feed and supplements last longer!  It is obviously also great for your horse to be getting the right amount of feed and nutrients for their specific needs.

4.  Use natural supplements

I love natural horse supplies (not sponsored) for buying natural supplements.  They are pure great supplements at a great price.  Natural supplements are just the pure thing, for example, pure magnesium, has nothing else added to it.  This means it is not bulked out with other products that aren't needed and it cuts the price down.  They can also last for up to 3 months.


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