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Thursday, 22 March 2018

4 Steps to Keep Your Horse's Legs Healthy

1.  Proper Warming up and Cooling Down

Your horse is an athlete and needs a correct warm up and cool down routine to keep their legs healthy.  You should ask your trainer for a warm-up that is right for your horse and use it at every single ride.

You should walk your horse for around 15 minutes at a medium walk.  Then you can start with small bursts of trot, get into your trot work then start your canter work.  A good warm-up should take you around 20-30 minutes.  Then you should cool down by doing lots of walking and letting your horse stretch down.  Cool down until your horse is no longer breathing heavily and is actually cool.

2.  Cold Hosing

Cold hosing your horse's legs are great!  It is one of the easiest ways to care for your horse's legs and it actually does great things for them.

Cold hosing can be used for injuries to cool down the heat and swelling and there for helping to treat the injury.  It can also be used daily for fluid build up from standing for too long or just for daily maintenance.

the last reason that I Cold hose my horses is after they have been ridden.  When a horse has been exercised their legs heat up A LOT and extended periods of very hot legs can damage them.  So after every ride, I cold hose the horse for around 10 minutes on each leg.

3.  Stretching

Stretching an important thing that may equestrians do not do enough of.  I have written a whole post on stretching your horse that you can read HERE.

4.  Poulticing 

You can get a tub of leg poultice and apply it after hard riding work.  Here is how to use it -

  • Apply the poultice to the leg
  • Wrap a sheet of brown paper around the leg
  • Bandage with a polo wrap 
  • Leave on for the recommended time 
  • Wash off with cool water 

This can help the muscles recover from the hard work and can again, help to get the heat out of the legs.


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