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Monday, 12 March 2018

5 Things You Need in Your Equestrian Wash Bay

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1.  Cross Ties

I find that cross ties are the best way to tie a horse up in the wash bay.  It keeps the horse from moving around too much.  I like elastic ones so that the horse doesn't feel so stuck in place.  I also recommend getting one with a quick release clip just in case.

2.  Hose

A hose is pretty essential for bathing a horse.  I like elastic ones that stretch out when the hose is filled with water.  They usually come with an attachment that you can change the flow.

3.  Grass mats

These are great and we have them in our wash bay in the yard I am at.  Put these down where the horse will stand.  It will keep the horse from standing on the wet ground and will allow the water to drain better.
4.  Electric Shower

I have one of these too, they are great for colder weather when you need warm water to bath your horse.  Make sure you get an electric one so you don't need a water tank or anything else!  

5.  Washing Kit

I have a bathing kit that I keep in the wash bay.  Here are the main things that I keep in the kit -

  • Lots of sponges 
  • Shampoo (one for each colour type, one citronella and one antibacterial) 
  • mane brush 
  • scissors 
  • mane and tail spray 
  • Shine spray 
  • towels 
  • Clean fleece rug


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