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Monday, 19 March 2018

7 Under-Rated Equestrian Products That You Need to Try

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1.  Balance Strap

These are great for if you are an unbalanced rider, a new rider or you have a naughty horse.  A lot of people put a stirrup leather around the horse's neck and use that as a balance strap.

The problem with this way is that the D.I.Y strap is not fixed and will move about too much.  The balance strap that connects to the saddle stays fixed in place to actually balance you in times of need.

2.  Ride on Saddle Cover

Most people have normal saddle covers but not many equestrians have a ride on one.  The main reason I have one is to protect my saddle from rubs, rain and any other damage that may happen when I am riding.

3.  Tack Cart

If your tack room is away from your stable, wash bay or where ever you tack your horse up then this is great.  I feel like tack carts aren't very common and I don't know why.  You can use them at home or away and they carry so much stuff!

4.  Hoof Hardener

This is a great product for horses with bad hooves.  Most people know to feed supplements (biotin) to their horses if they have bad hooves and sometimes hoof moisturisers but many people don't think to use a product like this.

5.  Hoof Knife

This is a great product to get your farrier to teach you how to use it.  A hoof knife can be used to trim a horses frog between visits.

Sometimes the horse's frog doesn't shed by its'self so it must be trimmed.  A lot of times it can grow to fast for farrier visits to keep up with.  If this happens it is just better to buy one of these than to get bacteria stuck under the overgrown frog.

6.  Stable Boots

I will say this over and over again, your horse needs stable boots if they spend any time in a stable.  These boots are a life saver for cuts, bashes and other injuries.  They are also great for build up liquid in the legs from spending too much time standing still.  You can read more about stable boots here.

7.  Boot and Hat Bags

I keep my boots and hat in bags in my car.  It is great for keeping them clean and it helps to make sure they don't get damaged.  If you need to keep your things in the tack room it is a good idea to protect your equipment.


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