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Tuesday, 6 March 2018

How to Care For A Sick Horse Properly + FREE WORKSHEET

There is always a chance that your horse can ill.  A vet may want the horse to be documented carefully for behaviour so it is important you look after your horse perfectly.

1.  Eating and Drinking 

Keep an eye on how much your horse is eating and drinking.  Your vet will probably want to know this, so take a record daily.  Give the horse a bucket of water that has litre measurements.  Weight forage before feeding it and ensure they eat it all before you give them more.

2.  Record bowel movements + Medicine

Yes, maybe a little TMI but it is very important.  So every time you muck out take a record of this because if there are any problems then it can be very dangerous for the horse.

For recording medicine, all you need to do is record the amount and the time you give it to them.

3. Behaviour

Does your horse act normal?  Is he acting weird?  Record everything about their behaviour including any signs of illness or good signs of wanting to go outside or playing.

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