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Thursday, 15 March 2018

How to Create The Best Riding Schedule + FREE WORKSHEET

1.  Days to Ride

First, you want to decide what days you are going to ride.  It is a good idea to work this out first because you can then base the next few steps on this.

It is also good to plan the days to work out the days in between, days off and the amount you are riding.

2.  This Weeks Goals

Writing done your goals helps to remind you of them through the week and helps you plan out the next step.  The goals can be as simple a jumping once a week or anything more complicated like teaching your horse to do a flying change.

3.  What you are going to do 

Work out what you are going to do one each day that you have planned to ride.  Keep in mind your goals and in detail explain exactly what you want to do and the goal you will work on that day.

4.  How it Went 

At the end of each ride, write down how the ride went.  Go into detail about how the horse was, how you rode and what goals you reached.  This will help you to choose your goals for next week and will help you to plan out your next week's rides.

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