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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

How To Care For Your Horse's Valuable Hooves

1.  Daily Routine 

Your daily routine with your horse should provide his hooves with lots of benefits.  

Checks should be done every day to look for unhealthy hooves.  You should look for cracks, bruising, thrust around the frog and any unbalance in the hoof.

Feeding your horse either feed or supplements that contain biotin and zinc to help the hooves to grow healthy.  

Products can be used to help the hooves become more healthy.  You can apply moisturisers or sealers to keep moisture in or out.  My favourite thing to use is frog oil which is an antifungal treatment for thrust.  If your horse has thrust apply it every day until it has been cured.  If he doesn't have thrust use it a few times a month to avoid it.

2.  Farrier 

Leave it to the farrier to trim and/or shoe your horse?  Not exactly!  Make sure you choose a well-qualified farrier who has a good reputation.  Always check your horse's hooves after the farrier has been.  Always make sure you know what the farrier is doing and why.  You can also get a vet the check the horse's hooves after a visit from a new farrier.  

3.  The Perfect Moisture 

Dry hooves cause cracks, dryness and some hoof diseases.  Wet overly wet hooves cause infections, abscesses and thrust.  So what's the best way to keep your horse's hooves at the perfect moisture?  You can control the moisture by keeping your horse on dry ground at all times.  Then you can apply a hoof moisturiser daily.  You can also soak your horse's hooves if you are in a hot country.  

4.  Environment 

We've touched on this a little already, your horse's environment has a lot to do with their hoof health. 
Try to keep your horse in a good dry environment at all times.  This means keeping them away from mud and making sure their stable is dry at all times.  This will help with thrust and other hoof issues.  This allows you to then add moist to the hoof.  If you're in a hot country then add hoof soaking to your daily routine.


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