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Monday, 5 March 2018

Riding Exercises For Horses Who Refuse


The First exercise is for horses that refuse because of fillers/ spooking.  Place fillers down the sides of basic canter poles to jump exercise.  Slowly take them in closer and switch out the fillers for others.  Once your horse is comfortable with working next to fillers you can move onto the next exercises.


For this exercise set up a jump, put two fillers at an angle at the side of the jumps and lastly put two poles at an angle guiding to the jump with one side of each pole on the jump.

Simply go over the jump and slowly move the fillers until they are under the jump.  Then switch out the fillers for different ones and start the exercise again.


For a horse who has had a scare and will not jump at all, you should try to normalise pole work for the first few sessions, leaving the poles in the same place.

When your horse has gained confidence you can lift one side of the last pole.  Keep progressing very slowly until you set a jump up at the last pole then start to take away one pole at a time.  The start will small jumps and work very slowly.


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