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Friday, 2 March 2018

Why You Need to Start Using Stable Boots Now!

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Not many people use stable boots on their horses but they can be extremely important in some situations!

What Are Stable Boots?

Stable boots are a thick cushioning material with Velcro straps to secure.  They may also have a more supportive layer over the top.

You can also choose to use stable bandages instead.  This consists of a thick stable pad and soft polo bandages on top.

What are stable boots used for? 

They are used for two main things, protection and compression.

So, stable boots care used as protection against your horse banging his legs.  For example, they help to protect from rolling, getting cast or just general kicking or messing about in the stable.

As for compression, there are a few reasons why you may want to use them.  First, if your horse stands in the stable for long periods of time (which I don't recommend) you may notice your horse's legs fill with fluid.
Also, it can help to stop swelling or fluid buildup if your horse has had an injury.

Do You Need Stable Boots? 

If you notice your horse getting injured from rolling, getting cast or just banging about then these are perfect for your horse!

If your horse stands for long periods of time then this will be great for avoiding fluid build up in the legs.  It will also be great for injured horses on box rest.


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