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Friday, 30 March 2018

Why You Should Lunge Your Horse EVERY Week

Reason 1 - Changing Up The Routine

There is a good chance that your horse will start to get bored of riding the same exercise especially if you are doing mostly schooling.  You can only do so much jumping and hard work with your horse.  Then you have only schooling and hacking to do!  So switch it up and improve your horses routine.

Reason 2 - Lunging Helps With Fitness

Lunging your horse is using used to get your horse back into work to improve fitness and muscle development.  Get your trainer to teach you how to lunge a horse to improve fitness and you will see a big difference in a few weeks!

Reason 3 - Watch How Your Horse Exercises

This is great if you do not have a trainer or ride alone most of the time.  It's not easy to improve if you don't have eyes on the ground to watch how you and your horse train.  A good idea if you don't have this is to watch how your horse exercises on the lunge.  You should watch how your horse bends, take contact with the lunge line or side reins and watch to see how he lifts his back.  Another great thing to look for is watching his inside back leg, it should be pushing the body the most.

Reason 4 - Practice

Lunging is great vocal aids, groundwork and furthering your schooling.  This is great for ANY type of horse, not just young horses!  You should always keep up with the basics.


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