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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

5 Bit-less Options For Your Horse

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1.  Flower Hackamore

This is basically the same as a normal hackamore but much softer.  You can fully adjust it by changing where you put the reins.  It can be adjusted to only add nose pressure by attaching the reins on the same 'petal' as the back cheek piece.  If you attach the reins to the 'stalk' then you will add more pressure to the poll.

2.  CrossOver Bridle

The Crossover bridle works by using a tightening effect using straps under the chin and/or jaw area.  It works the same way as a normal bridle, steer left and the right side of the bridle will tighten.

3.  Rope Head Collar With Reins

A Rope head collar works by using pressure points where the knots are.  When you add reins this can turn into a great training bridle.  There are two rings where the reins are attached similar to a normal bridle.  This bridle will give mostly nose pressure and pressure on the knots where the rings are.

4.  Hackamore

This is a stronger version of the above flower hackamore.  It has nowhere to adjust the pressure and gives both poll and nose pressure.  It is best for strong horses but it is not as good for horses who are hard to steer.

5.  Rambo Micklem Multi Bridle

This is a great bridle for sensitive horses.  It is a three in one bridle which includes a bit-less option.  It avoids sensitive areas on the horse's face which makes it great for a very soft bridle.  It offers a nose pressure only.


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