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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

5 Equestrian Items You Need to Keep in Your Car

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Just to be clear, I keep things in my car because I have horses in two different places.  This is also great if you train horses in different locations, give lessons or any other reasons that you visit horses in different places.  

1.  First Aid Kit

First aid kits are usually in cars anyway but this is so important!  I also carry one around in my car because I have first aid kits for my horses in their locations but I don't have one for myself.  I keep one in my car so it comes everywhere with me.

Click Here to see my Basic first aid kit for horses.

Click Here to see my D.I.Y Horse and Rider First Aid Kit. 

2.  Riding Equipment

I keep my riding hat, riding boots and gloves in my car.  I keep them in my car because I ride horses in different places.  Another reason is because I try to keep as many things out of the tack room as possible because of animals and mould.

3.  An Extra Pair of Clothes

I carry a few pairs of socks, an extra pair of my favourite Hunter Wellies and some other clothes.  In Scotland, I always need extra clothes because of the bad weather.  It's also not unknown for me to take some normal clothes if I am going somewhere else after the stables.

4.  A Water Bottle and FOOD

Maybe the most important things, water and food.  I spend hours at the stables every day and so I need to take food and water with me.  I have this water bottle so I can refill it and it is way easier to drink from a straw while on the go.  I always take food too like cereal bars, sandwiches and fruit.

5.  Grooming Kit

I keep a spare grooming kit in my car all the time.  I mainly do this because for some reason I always need a grooming kit, hoof pick or spray.  You could also just take your main grooming kit around instead of buying multiple.  Click Here to see my grooming kit contents.


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