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Monday, 16 April 2018

5 Products You Need to Wash a White Horse

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1.  Stain Removing Spray

The first step is to use a stain removing spray before washing the horse.  This will get a lot of the stain out before you start.  Simply spray the area and massage in with a sponge or cloth.

2.  White Horse Shampoo

Next, wash the horse's whole body with a normal shampoo made for white horses.  You can also include the mane and tail but we will go to them in the next step anyway.  Leave the shampoo on for a few minutes to help the whitening effect.

3.  Purple Shampoo 

Now, making sure the purple shampoo doesn't touch the horse's skin (Because it is not made for horses) wash the horse's mane and tail leaving it on for the right amount of time before washing it off.  I use a purple shampoo for Zoe's tail as her mane doesn't really need it.

4.  Chalk Powder

Chalk powder is great for applying to a wet horse then brushing it off when they are dry.  I only ever use it on legs but it is amazing for whitening for a show.  So apply it to your wet horse's legs, bandage them with stable pads and bandages and wait until the next morning.  On the morning of the show, don't take the bandages off until right before you show.  Once tacked up, take the bandages off and brush away the excess.

5.  Shine Spray

The last step is to use a shine spray.  This is the best way to use it in my opinion and not many people do it!  So after you have washed your horse use the spray and a cloth to rub the spray in.  As the horse dries it will stay very shiny.


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