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Thursday, 26 April 2018

5 Things You Need to Plait Your Horse's Mane and Tail

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1. Plaiting Spray

This is used a bit like hairspray.  When you spray in onto the hair before plaiting it will make the hair 'sticky'.  This is perfect for making it easier to grip the hair and will help to keep the plait together once done.

If you see fly away hair or little hairs sticky out of the plait then spray a little extra then smooth the hair with your fingers.

2.  Comb and clip

After you have used the spray, you will want to comb a section of the mane and clip the hair next to the section out of the way.  You can use a normal comb and a hair clip or use the product below which is combined.

3.  Plaiting Thread

Buy the correct colour of thread to match your horse's mane and tail.

4.  Plaiting Needle

You must use a needle that is designed for plaiting horses as it is not sharp at the end.  You should still be careful not to poke your horse with the needle.

5.  Scissors

You should already have these lying around at your yard.  You really need a pair of scissors for cutting the thread, trimming and undoing the plaits at the end of the day.


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