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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Barn Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

1.  Sharpen Metal Forks

Straw forks are great when they are new!  You can stab into the pile of dirty straw or dirty bedding and pick up a huge pile.  As the fork is used daily it starts o get blunt so sharpen it up to get it back to new.  Just be careful with it as a sharp fork can be dangerous.

2.  Wash Tools Everyday

Keeping your tools for mucking out clean to really help you every day.  For example, a dirty broom won't allow you to sweep properly so make sure it is always clean.  It is also a good idea to disinfect your tools weekly to stop the spread of disease.  You should also use different tools for horses who are new or ill.

3.Change from Haynets to Haybars

Haynets can be good for travelling but they can be very dangerous, annoying and unhealthy for the horse.  I have changed to a corner hay rack and it is so much better for me and my horses.  You can fit much more hay in a corner rack and it saves time.
This is important for a foaling box as the mare or foal can get caught in the haynet!

4. Wash Rugs Weekly

Keeping your rugs clean will help to avoid your horse getting rubbed or itchy.  The rug will get a build up of dirt, sweat, oil and hair.  This makes it very uncomfortable for the horse and rubs they horses hair out.  It also makes it easier to find small rips before they get worse.

5.  Clean Your Tack After Every Ride

Cleaning your tack after every ride is great for keeping them in good condition and checking for damage.  It also means your tack will not get mouldy in a damp talk room.  It is also a good idea to keep your tack in a saddle cover and bridle bag to keep them safe from mould and dust.


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