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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

How To Get Your Horse Looking Perfect For a Show email

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1.  Clean Tack and other Accessories + Trim Your Horse

First, you need to clean your tack and other things you plan to ride with.  Throw your saddle pad, boots, clothing and any other fabric in the washing machine.  Clean and polish all of your tack and boots.

Next Trim Your Horse For A Show here.

2. Wash, Rug and Bandage (Night Before)

First, you should bath your horse well.  You can read on how to wash a horse properly here.  Follow the steps in that blog to get your horse clean and shiny.  Now you should bandage your horse's legs with stable pads to keep them clean in the stable.  I also put a fleece and face hood on the clean their body as clean as possible.

3.  Plait (Night Before)

Plaiting is not something that I am a pro at but I have a few tips that I think will help you.

Firstly it is much easier to plait a wet mane so I always do it straight after bathing.

I personally plait with rubber bands because I only jump but if you are doing a show which you need neat plaits then use thread.

Lastly, after I have finished plaiting I will cover those plaits with a pair of tights and secure with rubber bands around each one OR I use a Horse hood.

4.  Grooming (Day of)

Again you can learn how I groom my horses here.  You will be doing this in the morning, just before you leave for the show.  Make sure to use lots of show sheen apart from around the saddle area.

5.  Hoof Shine and Eye Shine 

Hoof oil is great for last minute touch-ups before entering the arena.  I LOVE Hoof Shield by Keratex because it dries and stays on all day!

Another great product for making your horse look amazing is a product to make the areas around your horse's eyes and nose shiny.  Apply the product just before the show for a perfect sheen.


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