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Monday, 9 April 2018

Keep Your Paddocks Healthy With Rotational Grazing With FREE Work Sheet

1.  Let Your Paddock Rest For Double The Time it Has Been Grazed

If you're able to rest your paddocks every few weeks, try to rest it for double the time it has been grazed for.  The grass is going to grow much slower than it is being eaten by horses.  If the grass grows too much you can always top it like we will take about later in this post.

2.  Poo Pick Daily

Poo picking isn't only good for controlling worms, it helps your paddock too.  Have you ever noticed your horse goes to the toilet in the same place and the grass in that area gets long, weeds grow and the horse does not eat it?  Poo picking will help to stop the grass from growing too long in those areas and will also help with stopping weeds from growing.

3.  Fertilise in The Resting Period

Fertilising the field will help to grow the grass faster and make the grass better quality for the horse.  Just make sure to read the instructions so the horse isn't put back into the field too soon as this will be very bad for the horse's health.

4.  Top The Field Often

Topping the grass is great if it is overgrown.  It also helps to keep weeds under control.  You can stop longer patches of grass from the horses 'toilet' areas to make the paddock look neater.  Just make sure no to top ragwort as it is most toxic when dead.  So walk around the field and remove the ragwort before topping.


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