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Thursday, 5 April 2018

The Type Of Boots You Need For Your Discipline


Bell boots - These are great for dressage because lateral exercises can cause the horse to overreach with the back legs and strike the lower front leg.

Brushing boots - Brushing boots are used if you notice the horse brushing his two front (or back) legs together.  They don't have great support just protection.

Dressage wraps (may also be called medicine boots) - These are great for horses who don't injure themselves.  They are made to support the muscles from strains and sprains.  They support the leg well with the way the wrap is designed.

Exercise Bandage - Exercise bandages work in the same way as the dressage wraps but they are harder to put on.  You can, however, adjust the bandages to protect or support different parts of the leg.  Just make sure the bandage is put on properly.

Show Jumping

Bell Boots - Same as Dressage

Brushing Boots - Same as Dressage

Tendon boots - They are a hard plastic shell that protects the tendon area from the back legs while landing over a jump.  The open front allows the horse more movement to lift the leg.

Fetlock Boots - They offer the same protection as tendon boots but for the back legs banging together.

Eventing (Cross Country) 

Bell Boots - Same as Dressage

Brushing Boots - Same as Dressage

Cross Country/Eventing boots - These boots are made to have ventilation to keep the leg cool.  They have a strike guard to protect the legs (running down the back for the front boots and along the front for the back boots)  The fully protect the legs and are made to be light and not absorb water.


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