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Monday, 2 April 2018

What's Better: Straw VS Shavings As Bedding?

Straw -

Advantages - 

  • Cheap 
  • Easy to Make a Deep Bed 
  • 1 bale lasts for a long time 
Disadvantages - 

  • Doesn't absorb wetness 
  • Takes much longer to muck out 
  • Some Horses may Eat it 
Straw is overall great for horses who tend to lay down, roll or is prone to getting cast.  The straw is good for padding out the stable so the horse does not get bumped or cut.  It is also good for a horse birth because there isn't as much to stick to the foal.  Plus straw is a great bedding choice for those who are on a budget.  

There are some disadvantages though.  For example, some horses will eat straw which can lead to impaction.  It takes much longer to muck out and keep clean and doesn't absorb the pee.  

Shavings - 

Advantages - 

  • Soaks up all of the pee 
  • Easy to muck out 
  • Keeps hooves dry 

disadvantages - 

  • More Expensive 
  • takes 8 + bales to make a new bed 

Shavings is a great way to keep your stable and your horse dry and clean.  It is a great idea to switch to shavings if your horse has health issues to keep the horse dry.  Shavings are easy to muck out and you can keep a good, clean bed.  

The problems with shavings are that it is a much more expensive choice and that it takes 8+ bales of shavings to make a new bed.  You also need to top up the stable with 1-2 bales a week.  



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