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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

3 Amazing Massaging Products You Need For Your Horse

Massaging is something that equestrians pay professionals to do to their horse every month or even longer.  Have a look at my 3 top massaging products for horses.

1.  Massaging Mitt

This is a great product for getting into places that a bigger back massage pad cannot reach.  I have used this brand in the past to give my horses a muscle massage after work and also to calm my horses down if they are having a stressy day.

2.  Back Massage Pad

This pad will definitely send your horse to sleep!  This is a full back massage pad with Tennis ball sized massage balls.  They slowly rotate and vibrate to massage the horses back.  Depending on the brand you use (I use the one linked to the picture) the times will vary but are usually about 20 minutes for a full massage.

3.  Equissage Pulse 

This product is a massage pad which instead of only massaging the back it affects the whole body of the horse.  It is used for normal horses and injured horses to improve healing and performance.  It is recommended to use this product daily for 20 minutes for the best effects.  


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