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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

4 Ways To Massage Your Horse After Every Ride

1.  Grooming

Grooming alone can help your horse's muscles get some extra blood flow going through them.  While grooming your horse before and after each ride, take a curry comb and groom your horse in large circles.  Do this all over his body.  You can also use a small, soft face brush to go over the face and legs.

2.  Calming Head Massage

The next way to massage your horse is the calming face massage.  Start by stroking your horse's face all over to encourage him to put his head down.  Now using one finger start making very small circles with a light pressure all over the horses face.  You can also do this behind the horse's ears.

Another thing that can be calming to horses is to massage the poll.  This is the area where the head collar would sit and is a good spot to massage.

3.  Back Massaging

Back massaging is the most I will do towards the deep tissue massages.  Start by stoking your horses back to make sure he is okay with you touching him and doesn't have any injuries.

Now using three fingers and using medium pressure pull your fingers from the spine backwards towards yourself.  Do this all along his back on both sides.  Then you can take your three fingers again and use medium pressure make circular movements all along the back about an inch away from the horse's spine.

4.  Massage Pad

A massage pad is a great way to massage your horse without doing it by hand or doing it wrong.  The massage products for horses can be anything from a mitt to a full body massage pad.  If you would like to read more about massage products for horses click here.



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