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Monday, 21 May 2018

5 Things You Can Teach your Horse For Respect

Your horse is a giant animal with their own mind who could easily hurt you if they wanted.  So, it is extremely important that your horse knows how to respect you.  It is also essential that you teach your horse this in a respectful manner, a scared horse is never safe to be around.  

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1.  Do as You Do

While you are leading your horse, you should be able to walk and stop dead with the horse doing as you do.  After you have mastered this, you can start to run so that the horse trots next to you then stop dead again and your horse should do the same.  While leading the horse you should make sure your horse's head isn't ahead of your shoulders.

A good way to start this is by using a rope headcollar.  This will help you with control (although remember you can easily be too rough with your horse's sensitive face) until he is further trained.  

2.  Stand Still

Your horse will understand how to stand still if you following my way of training here.  Now, when you aren't asking them to start still and are trying to put a headcollar on them or anything else they will wiggle about.  It is very important to make sure 'standstill' means every part of their body, not just their legs.

3.  Have Good Ground Work

Groundwork is so important!  Not only do you want them to do as you do and stand still when asked you want them to do what you ask when you aren't close to them.  You want to teach them to listen to you and know where you are at all times.  This not only helps with respect but also safety.

4.  Have the Horse 'catch you'

If your horse is bonded to he should walk up to you in the field to let you catch him.  This is important because walking up to a horse, taking him in and riding him tells him that it isn't his choice.  The horse will be much happier if you teach him that he makes the decision to be caught.

5.  'Join Up' Often

Joining up is a major training hack to help your horse to bond with you and tell him that you are the head of the herd but want to work with him.  A short description is that the owner and horse go into a round pen and let the horse loose.  If the horse moves away from you, send him away by changing your body language.  After some time of the horse cantering around the pen, he will start to show you signs that he wants to join you.  This is licking, inside ear staying on your and head lowering.  When this happens you change your body language to away him to walk to you.

Please do lots of research but attempting this as you can cause damage to you and your horses bond.